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The Easiest Way To Get Unlimited Free Trending Content For Building Links - Curation Has Never Been Easier

High Quality Backlinks - The One Part Of SEO You CAN NOT Do Without

Create unlimited uniquely curated content with powerful embeds and iframes for your back-link automation software and get the relevance you've always wanted in your niche. If you think a clean backlink profile is important, you can't ignore this! Curator Contender will help you rank with curated articles.

Dull, Bland, Scraped, Generic Content Doesn't Really Cut It As a Tier 1 Backlink Option Anymore

Why Curate?

  • Content Curation Is 100% Free
  • Curating Is A 100 Times Faster Than Writing
  • Makes Your Backlinks Extremely Relevant
  • It's Extremely Easy To Do

Curating quality third party content gives your backlinking articles more relevance and authority in Google's eyes. Curation is quick and easy saving you not only time but boatloads of money too. Having your backlinks "associated" with related, trending content in your own niche makes you unbeatable. This makes ranking with curated content easier than ever before. No scraped garbage posts, but real human readable and intelligent curated content.

Curator Contender is a Limited Edition Software!

To protect both my users and myself, only a limited number of licenses will be made available at the current price.
So if you want in, make sure you sign up below right now!

Act Fast if You Want In!

You'll be amazed at all of the high quality backlinks you can generate with Curator Contender. Nothing comes close to the level of quality backlinks you can produce with this software.

Curator Contender Software Overview

What Does Curator Contender Do?

  • Simplify The Curation Process
  • Create Powerful Relevant Backlinks
  • Auto Insert Images in Your Content (10 Gigs and growing)
  • Create Web 2.0 Entities That Index and Rank
  • Customize Article Layouts
  • Easy One Click Embed:
  • Videos
  • Webpages
  • RSS Feeds
  • Google Maps
  • Driving Directions
  • One Click Spun Title Creation (Over 100.000 and growing)
  • 15 Ready To Go Niches (and growing)

If you're using garbage-scraped, non-relevant content for your automated link building, you need to stop immediately. Because with Curator Contender there's a much better way to make your backlinks be more powerful and even drive traffic to your Moneysite, and it only takes minutes.

Feed Your Tools With Better Articles

Software For Curation

If Creating Quality Content For Your Backlink Strategy Is A Pain - Keep Reading

And as we both know automated backlink tools are notoriously hungry for a continuous stream of fresh content to keep posting. You may have also noticed that Google's AI is now able to detect spam content from a mile away. This is a double whammy for EVERY marketer who doesn't have a bank of writers at their fingertips ready to fire off on command. Sure, you could scrape and hope for the best, but sooner or later those backlinks are going to get de-indexed, and you can start off all over again.

Not Any More!

Curator Contender does away with all that hassle. No bank of writers required. It's as easy as copy click. If you can do that you are ready to get unlimited trending content for your niche and keep all your automated backlink tools happily fed with high quality content.

Current Niches Included

Addiction Affiliate Marketing Automotive Coffee Costruction
Credit Repair Diabetes Dogs Electrical Fitness
Health Foods Supplements Higher Education Internet Marketing Landscaping & Gardening
Legal Medical Pharma Pest Control Real Estate Roofing
SEO Skin Care Weddings Weight Loss Wind Energy

Please allow up to 24 hours to have your account set up at the back-end.


Carl is truly a Master of his craft as his easy to follow training videos within a membership site (access to videos any time we want) shows us how Curator Contender allows us to create unlimited uniquely curated content with powerful embeds and iframes for our back-link automation software that makes our backlinks extremely relevant. When we implement the various features within the software to make the curated content unique and last, it makes Curator Contender the perfect weapon to add to any digital marketers arsenal.

Hans Anderson
VANMIK Marketing

Licenses are Limited

Do not waste time if you want in on this deal. Once the available licenses are all taken you may have to wait months, possibly years before new seats become available.