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Curated Content

There are a number of good reasons to use curation when you're building backlinks. I ran an experiment that lasted about 6/7 months. I built out a small network on 33 individual domains. I let the pages sit for many months just to be sure the results were consistent.

After building out the network I made a random number of posts on each site ranging between 2 to 5 posts per (sub)domain. In each case I added a single curated article on each blog and in the other posts I did not.

After that I ran every url on all the subdomains through an indexing service. I checked the results afew days later and noticed that almost all url's were indexed. Then I let everything just sit there for 6 months without looking at them. Today I compared what remained indexed and what got lost.

The results are in the video below!

As you can see in the video, about 80% of the pages that remained indexed were the ones with a curated article on it. Now this is not an end-all-be-all experiment. There are other variables in play, like the difference between the domains themselves etc. And I am testing with less variables now. But it does give a strong indication that adding third party content in your article keeps it indexed for longer.

3 Reasons To Use Curated Content in Your Backlinks

  • Pages stay indexed for longer.
  • Your backlinks become hyper relevant.
  • It is super easy to do with Curator Contender.

So far I haven't found any negative points using curated articles in my backlink profile. It is also very unlikely that Google will ever target curated content as spam. Just think about it for a second. Most news websites use a huge percetage of curated content.

I hope between the article and the video, you can see why you would want to use curated content in your backlink profile.