Ranking Titles with Curator Contender

Aggregated data from multiple sources

Data Aggregation

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These are the results you might see when using Curator Contender for creating your article layouts. Since each layout is different and your content is clean, relevant, trending and authoritative you might start to notice that some of your blog posts start to rank in the search engines.

These blog posts are very similar to how we used to Curate Content back in the day with Squidoo. The same concept applies in this case. Aggregated data from multiple sources bundled together on one page. Google loves that stuff. And you can use that to rank your properties without risking penalties.

Creating The Titles For Your Content

The titles that are auto-generated with Curator Contender are fairly longtail and unique. But they have also been created to rank for multiple variations of the search term/topic. This in turn could even lead to you getting residual traffic out of your curated pieces of content to your moneysite.